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RSS-FEED Low-cost adhesive SB 1242

Innovative ECA for ribbon bonding on crystalline cells (10.06.2014) read more >>

SoltaBond GmbH is a young, dynamic company in the field of photovoltaics, founded by specialists in conductive adhesive technologies with a deep understanding of crystalline solar cells and thin film modules. SoltaBond also specializes in thermally conductive adhesives for the production of solar heat and hybrid modules.

SoltaBond manufactures electrically conductive adhesives that are especially designed for the solar industry, as well as comprehensive range of adhesives, distributed by Polytec PT, for the electronics industry and electrical engineering. In addition, SoltaBond has the ability to manufacture advanced adhesives for third parties that do not have the necessary production capacity or the necessary equipment.

Our objective is not limited to producing high performance adhesives, but rather to providing custom solutions optimized for each customer's application. We reach this goal through intensive dialogue with our customers.

In today's challenging production environment, solutions can not be found in a catalog, but are found in discussions with experienced engineers and developers. Come and talk with us!

SoltaBond is an established supplier to PV thin film module manufacturers worldwide, and is ISO 9001 certified.


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