SoltaBond SB2001

SoltaBond SB2001 is a thermally conductive, 2-component adhesive filled with aluminum particles. The adhesive is pasty and can be cured at room temperature. SoltaBond SB 2001 is especially suited for bonding aluminum cooling elements and heat sinks, as well as cooling coils and heat exchangers.

SoltaBond SB5102-4

SoltaBond SB5102-4 is a 1-component, heat-curing, thermally conductive adhesive and potting material. It is a solvent-free, pasty epoxy material filled with aluminum oxide particles and has a long pot life. The adhesive has very good chemical resistance and thermal conductivity. It is especially suited for electrically insulating and thermally conductive bonds and encapsulations.

SoltaBond SB5314

SoltaBond SB5314 is an impact-resistant and thermally conductive adhesive filled with aluminum oxide particles. It is based on a 2-component epoxy system with a short potlife and curing at room temperature. It is used for bonding and assembly of cooling elements and heat sinks on metal or ceramic substrates.

SoltaBond SB4611

Two-component, low-viscosity adhesive for high-temperature applications. This unfilled adhesive has 100% solid content. It can be used for potting, sealing, or as low-viscosity glue. SB4611 can be cured over night at room temperature, and has excellent moisture and water stability.

SoltaBond SB1100

SB1100 for carbon sliding plates is a highly filled, 1-component adhesive. This system is designed to conduct heat and high current for train applications. Because of the metallic filler, heat dissipates very quickly. 

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